Too Damn Cold!

I realize that everyone in the world is posting pictures of the cold temperatures, and I figured why should I be any different?  While I was at work, I had to help unload a delivery truck and since it was a small delivery, I figured it would take a few minutes and that I would not need my coat or gloves.  I was out there for about five minutes and when I came back inside my fingers were numb and they actually hurt.  I probably had the beginnings of frostbite.  I am an idiot.When I was a kid, I always heard that if it was too cold that it could not snow.  I even remember learning this in 7th grade science.  I mentioned it at work today and some of the people thought I was insane.  It was explained to me this way “in order for the temperature to get this cold, there needs to be little to no moisture in the air, hence it cannot snow.”  I guess this is why Antarctica is technically considered a desert.

Anyways, I came home and decided to look it up.  Turns out that I was mostly right.  Or my teacher was mostly right.  Or maybe he just did not think our idiot minds could handle the full explanation.  I also remember him explaining that whenever it gets this cold, the systems that generally cause it do not produce rain forming clouds.  I guess if you read through the whole thing, my 7th grade science teacher was a pretty smart guy.

So try to stay warm out there.  Actually, just stay inside.  There is really no need to go outside.  Unless you have to go see a caterer about a wedding.  Then you must go outside.