White Collar is Craptastic

White Collar has been a show that I enjoyed for the first few seasons.  I liked seeing the interaction between Peter and Neal.  I also enjoyed seeing Neal coming up with ways to solve crimes and beat the other con-artists.

There was also the early stuff with Neal’s girlfriend Kate.  She was the reason he broke out of prison and agreed to work with Peter.  Then they decided to get rid of her and move the show in a different direction.  Each season they had an overall story about Neal having to steal something from under Peter’s nose.

At first these capers were pretty good.  Also, Neal and Peter became more friends than partners.  They were almost like a little family.  Then the show decided to bring Neal’s real father into it and they framed Peter for murder.  Neal was forced to forge evidence and bribe a prosecutor in order to set Peter free.  Peter found out and now he is upset that Neal would break the law in order to save him.

There are still some investigations, but they always seem inconsequential or they seem like retreads.  The majority of the episodes focus on the big story and it is pretty annoying.  Also, could they please stop trying to find reasons for Matt Bomer to take off his shirt?