22 August 2015

Lindsey and I finalized our wedding venue!  We are having it at the Greendance Winery, which was the place we loved back when we visited in September.  We looked at a few other places, but none of them seemed to stand out like the winery.  So instead of settling for a lesser place, we decided to go with what we wanted.

The best part about finally having a venue is that we now have a date!  Now when people ask us, we actually can give a specific date instead of just a vague “sometime in 2015.”  This also means that we now know who are caterer will be since Greendance only allows Elegant Catering at their site.  We already met with them and cannot wait until we have our first tasting.

Now we get to do the fun stuff like picking out colors, music, photographer, etc.  Actually, Lindsey probably has all of this stuff picked out.  I guess all I need to do is show up.