Arrow: Heir to the Demon

Last night’s episode of Arrow was pretty good.  It would have been damn near awesome except for a few weird parts.  I will get to those in a bit though.  This season has been very good, DC should really just do their whole universe on TV instead of trying for big movies.  Marvel can do the movies, yet watch Agents of SHIELD.  Not a great show.

Here were some of the great things that happened:

-We meet Nyssa Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s.  I am guessing they did not want to use Talia since she was in Dark Knight Rises and people could be confused.  The show has no connection to the movies, but I could see how they wanted to keep some things different.  Although, Nyssa is an actual character in the comics.  She was Ra’s eldest daughter and I think she tried to kill him at one point and take over the league.  I cannot remember.

Anyways, she has a few good traits:  deadly assassin, very hot, and in love with Sara.  All of these things make for an interesting character.  Her first scene was great.  She is at the airport and security must have flagged her, she then takes every guard out with ease.

-Sara is finally free of the League of Assassins.  Nyssa frees her from her oaths and that means Sara can stick around Star City.  Points for Sara on this one, she makes out with Nyssa and then at the end of the episode gets freaky with Oliver.  Also, was that really Caity Lotz doing the salmon ladder workout?  Or did they use a stunt double.  Another question, did they have to show her from behind because if a girl wears a sports bra while doing that exercise, do her boobs pop out?

-Laurel continues to be a loser.  She finds out her sister is alive and then we see some flashbacks about their life before the boat accident.  Turns out they were not nearly as close as we were led to believe.  I guess that was kind of obvious since Sara was banging Ollie.  Who knew that Quentin was Mr. Mom though.

-Then we got to see Slade being all dashing and debonaire. He put his jacket on like a complete badass.  I cannot wait until he reveals himself to Oliver.

Now what did I dislike about the episode:
-So Oliver lies to his family about what happened to him on the Island.  He is protecting them by not letting them know he is the vigilante protecting the city.  Yet the moment he finds out that his mother has been lying to him about Thea actually being Malcolm Merlyn’s daughter, he becomes angry at her.

What did he expect?  Is he mad that his mom had an affair with Merlyn?  Or that she never told him that Thea was his half-sister.  OH MY GOD!  I just remembered how Thea was in love with Tommy.  I wonder if they ever got drunk and had sex.  Maybe that was what Oliver was mad about.  He knows that Tommy banged his own half-sister!  Whoa, that just blew my mind.

-Laurel makes no sense.  She was all for it when her mom had that picture of a girl that could have been Sara.  She tried to help her find Sara.  She blamed Oliver for Sara’s death at first and then eventually forgave him.  And yet, as soon as Sara comes back, Laurel is mad at her for ruining their family?

-How is Moira going to run for mayor?  They should have waited another season and spent this season having her do good things for the city.  Then maybe people would be able to buy her candidacy.