Fantasy Baseball 2014

Hey everybody!  It is that time of year again:  fantasy baseball season.  That’s right folks, you can sign up for the season.  This year the league name is And So Begins a New Era…

If you want to join and you were not part of the action last then comment here or send me a message on facebook.  Or maybe drop me a line on Google+.  I am sure you can find a way to reach me.

For those of you that have been apart of the league in the past, let me know what works for a draft date and time.  Also, would you like any changes to the stats used.  Does everyone like it as a Keeper League?  Maybe we could make a few friendly wagers.  Not for money or anything, since gambling is illegal.

Oh, and if my brother is reading this (I doubt that he will since he probably saw the words fantasy and baseball in the title and scrolled past), you should join.  It will give you something to do during the summer.  Just a thought.