I am Ready for Live Another Day…

I really had not been all the excited about 24 coming back for this mini-season.  The show would always start out so great and then it would spiral down and become kind of silly with all of the political shenanigans.  Fortunately, it seems like the show decided to listen to me since I said many times that it would be a better show if it were only about twelve episodes.

Recently I have been watching some of the old seasons on the Audience Channel.  I forgot about the awesomeness of Jack Bauer.  I went back and read the post about my favorite moments and was actually able to catch some of those episodes.  I was also able to watch the final season where Renee is killed and then saw the greatest moment in television:

JACK BAUER IN FULL BODY ARMOR!  There was nothing better than that.  Watching President Logan poop his pants.  Oh my god, still so damn great.

So now I am even more excited.  This is almost like the olden days and this makes me happy.  Jack torturing people is a national treasure.