Raining in Dubai

I recently bought Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’13:  Masters Collectors Edition.  I picked it up fairly cheap at Best Buy.  I used to play a golf game on my computer, probably 15 years ago.  For some reason, I have been in the mood to play one lately.

Anyways, I made it to the PGA Tour (you have to play in a few events before you make it) and my first event is in Dubai.  Now this game has everything.  The courses look amazing and the physics are pretty spot on.  All of the work that is put into the game by the designers and yet no one thought to check the weather in Dubai?

It is hard to tell from my picture, but it is pouring down rain in Dubai.  Not a quick shower, but instead a torrential downpour during the entire round.  It rained hard enough that it actually affected many of my shots.  Does that happen in Dubai in January, when the event took place?  Well according to TWC, not a lick of rain this January.

And yes, that is my golfer.  Obviously I modeled him exactly after myself…