The Lego Movie

Lindsey and I went to see The Lego Movie over the weekend.  Figured that would be a nice romantic movie to see (actually I was given the choice and decided that she would not want to see Robocop).  Needless to say, Lindsey did not even make it through the previews before she curled up and went to sleep.  She did not even try to pretend.  It was actually kind of funny.  I think she woke up at the end.

I loved the movie.  It was the perfect blend of kids movie with a bit of silliness that an adult could enjoy.  It was also awesome seeing the Legos moving around and the different clever ways they were able to take the toys and make them real.

I will not spoil anything, but I was able to see the ending coming a mile away.  I am not sure if they were trying to give it away, but the entire thing still worked.  I was shocked by the way it ended though, the final battle with Lord Business.  I also enjoy a movie that gives me chills and brings a little tear to my eye.  I am lame that way I suppose.

Chris Pratt was awesome as Emmet and hearing him made me even more excited for Guardians of the Galaxy.  He does the bumbling hero quite well.  There were so many great actors in this movie that it was tough to guess them all.  I knew that Will Arnett was Batman, but it took me awhile to figure out that Charlie Day was Benny (it was not until the end when he started geeking out when told he could build a spaceship that I knew it was Charlie).

I definitely recommend going to see this movie, it will not disappoint.