2014 Fantasy Baseball Draft Results Part Two

Okay, time to bore you again with stuff about my fantasy draft.  I decided to do some fun research and figure out who had the best draft.  I looked up the 2014 projections for each player on each team.  I used fangraphs and their ZIPS projections.  Except for the middle relievers, since ZIPS does not try to project holds.  I just used last years results, unless one of the other projection systems had holds.  Yes, very scientific.

For the hitters it was a bit more difficult, since you can only start ten guys and not everyone has the same number of hitters on their team.  I had to look at each teams top ten and get the totals for them.  This obviously does not take into consideration using guys during off days.  Or anything like that.  Just deal with it.

It looks like Offord made out quite well with his hitters.  In fact, he dominates most categories and has a nice lead on all of us.  I thought I did a good job of drafting some OBP guys, but I was wrong.  At least I have a good average.

The pitchers is a different story though.  My pitchers are good.  I drafted that way.  They damn well better be good.

If you notice, when you look at the results.  It appears that I had the best draft.  I would agree with that…okay, not really.  I still think my team has some problems.  My pitching should be good, but I could see my hitting being terrible.  ZIPs is very kind to Trumbo and Castro.

The biggest shock is how good Mark’s team appears to be.  I am pretty sure he was auto-drafting.  I have no clue whether or not he pre-ranked his guys.  The other auto-draft guys did not fare so well. Minus Sean, he auto-drafted, but he kept Mike Trout.  ZIPs loves him…

Obviously this means nothing.  You do not win fantasy baseball in the draft.  It is a good start, but combing the waiver wire is where the champions are crowned.  Just ask Ryan.  He always leads the league in waiver transactions and he always has one of the best teams.  Not a coincidence.