A Surprise Visit

The other day I saw something on Facebook.  My aunt said she was coming to Pennsylvania this weekend and asked my cousin’s wives if they wanted to do something.  Me, being a silly person, decided to put my two cents in and said something about seeing Divergent (I was making fun of them for going to see all of those tween movies…)  Aunt Lori said it would be great if we did something.

Lindsey likes to make plans.  I hate making plans.  I realize though that I need to be more structured with my time off and she needs to be a bit more spontaneous.  She wanted me to make plans with my family.  I realized that this was a perfect opportunity.  Friday, I sent Aunt Lori a text and said “hey, I was serious about doing something this weekend.”  In the next minutes she responded that we could get dinner in State College and maybe see a movie.  She then asked other people and within seconds a plan had formed. 

I did not tell Lindsey the plan, I just told her that we had plans and that she needed to be ready by 1:00.  We got up Saturday and went to the gym, then I went to get a haircut.  Lindsey made us some breakfast and then we got ready.  She knew that we were going to see my mom and then doing something with Aunt Lori.

We spent some time with my mom and then went over to State College.  We met the family at Rey Azteca and the look on my grandmother’s face was priceless. No one told her that Lindsey and I were coming, or that my cousin Tim would be showing up as well.  She and Pap were so happy to see us all.  It was almost of the grandchildren together.  Do you know how rare that is for all of us to get together like that?  Usually takes a holiday.  In this case, social media and texting. 

After dinner we went back to Tim and Becky’s house.  It was the first time I had ever been there.  We had a few after dinner drinks and did some BSing.  We had a great time.  I would actually say that it was more fun than holidays.  Everyone has so many places to get to during those crazy times and there is only so much you can do.  There was no place to be for any of us.  We could just relax and talk.  That is what family time should be like.

Lindsey also took the opportunity to ask Becky if it was okay to have Connor and Drew in our wedding.  She obviously said yes and was pretty excited about it.  So hey, we have some of our wedding party. 

We left Tim’s house and met up with my mom and Harmon at the Elks.  We had a few beers there and then stayed at my mom’s house.  We got up and went to breakfast in Altoona.  Oh, and we had to go shopping.  Clearly we cannot go a few days without stopping at Kohl’s…

Tell me how ridiculous it is that we were gone for less than a full day and when we came home it took two trips to unload my car?