And Thus Begins Thy Vacation…

It has been awhile since my last vacation.  Allow me to explain how my vacation time works.  Since I have been with the company for so long, I get three weeks of vacation.  I usually try to spread them out.  I also can buy a fourth week of vacation time.  Basically they deduct X amount of dollars from each paycheck and then when you are off, they give it back it to you.  I do this as well, although, I usually save those days and just get the money at the end of the year.  I like to have that fourth week in case I want to use a few days for something or another.

This year I might actually take the vacation.  I used to be fine with not having a vacation from the beginning of October to April, but now it is getting more difficult.  I lose focus.  I become irritable at work.  All of these things are bad for me and for my employees.  You need that time off, it helps you recharge.  I used to think people were crazy when they would say that, but now I am in complete agreement.

So anyways, I am on vacation.  I have all sorts of fun stuff planned.  Be prepared to hear all about it!