Justified: The Toll (or Boom Goes Picker!)

Two major things happened this week on Justified (okay, that is a lie, a bunch of stuff happened, but only two of them are getting mentioned right now):  Art is in the hospital and Boyd met with Duffy & Company.

Art is protecting Raylan’s ex-girlfriend and just happens to get shot in the process.  My immediate reaction was “it will turn out to be Kendall who is just trying to prove to Daryl that he is a man.”  Then when Daryl came in to give himself up, I was feeling pretty cocky about being right.  Then Kendall admitted to shooting Art and I realized that it was all an act.

This sets up an awesome showdown between Daryl and Raylan.  Although, Rachel is now the new boss, so she might not allow Raylan to go after Daryl like he normally would.  Also, was I the only person who was hoping Raylan would take Tim up on his offer to go after Daryl Crowe before the substitute chief could arrive?

That whole plot line would have made the episode great, but then we have the meeting between Boyd and Wynn/Picker/Ms. Hale.  Not only does it get raided by the Marshals, but they then resume the meeting (and you could clearly tell what Boyd was up to with the cigarettes, but it was still so damn cool) and Boyd gives Picker a pack of cigarettes loaded with explosive…the result was amazing!

It was obvious what was going to happen, but leave it Justified to still make it look so damn cool.  Boyd is the best and if the preview for next week is any indication, it looks like he and Raylan will be working together again.  At this point, Boyd should give up his life of crime and just join the Marshal service and become Raylan’s partner.  Imagine the shenanigans those two would get up to?

My favorite line from the entire episode came from the beginning when Art says to Allison that since she is a social worker if he admits to hitting Raylan then she will have to take custody of him.  That cracked me up even more so than Vasquez saying his grandmothers looked like Edward James Olmos.