Pens Game

One of my employees is able to get Pens tickets and she was kind enough to get me some for a game.  I told her that it did not matter what game, since I am not picky when it comes to receiving free stuff.  She gave me five tickets for last night’s game against the Dallas Stars.  And she was able to arrange for two rooms at the Marriott City Center.  We took my brother and his fiance.  Here is the tale of that trip.

Adam said that he would leave Philipsburg around 1:00, meaning they would get to our place around 2:00.  Well, that did not happen.  He got stuck in Maryland that morning by the Department of Transportation (it was something work related), which put him way behind.  Then they did not realize they were almost out of gas and had to stop in Altoona.  They got to our place after 3:00.  No big deal, still plenty of time to get there and go eat before the game.

We got into the city at 4:40 and the GPS decided to be confusing.  We missed the road and had to go around.  Then on the way back around, I could not see a way into the hotel from that side of the street.  We got stuck on a highway and had to basically loop around the city.  We had to start all over again and did not get to the hotel until 5:40.  We checked in and decided to eat at the hotel.

The restaurant at the hotel is called the The Steelhead Brasserie & Wine Bar.  The food was very good, but it was a bit pricey.  We should have just ordered the appetizer bar, which was $25, but it made sense to get an entree, since you got the appetizer bar included and the entrees were about $30.

We ate fairly fast and then went over to the Consol Energy Center.  We made it to our seats just in time for the face-off.  It was cool that Sarah Marince sang the National Anthem.  I knew the seats were going to be good, but I was blown away by how close we were.  The game was awesome, the Pens won 5-1.  It was cool being close enough to see the players faces when they would get slammed against the boards.

I had an extra ticket, so I invited a few friends who live in Pittsburgh.  None of them could make it, so Adam invited his friend Joe.  During one of the intermissions, we went to the Lexus Club since we had passes to get in there.  We figured when else would we be allowed in there.  It was actually disappointing.  You cannot see the game from there and it is just a bar with some tables and TVs.  I guess if you really want a mixed drink, that is the advantage.

After the game, we went to the Souper Bowl for some beers.  We did not get all that drunk, and ended up back at the hotel fairly early, around midnight.  We tried to order a pizza, but I guess no one delivers at that hour on a Tuesday.

We got up and went for breakfast at IHOP (c’mon, Lindsey and I always go there for breakfast when in the city).  We then went to the Waterfront because Adam wanted to look at suits for his wedding.  He ended up finding what he wanted at Macy’s and since they had my size, I just bought the whole thing.

After a little more shopping, we went home.  Talk about a fun little trip!  I am truly grateful to the employee who hooked me up with tickets and rooms.  It was great being able to hang out with my brother and Lora.  And it was great seeing the Penguins destroy the Stars.