Trip to the Greenbriar

I gave everyone a slight scare the other day when I said this was the end of the blog.  Okay, by everyone, I mean two people.  Whatever.  Anyways, I went to the Greebriar Resort for a work conference.  We were only there from Thursday to Sunday, but it was a good time.  The place was very nice, albeit a bit expensive for our tastes.

Since it was a work outing, I will not be able to talk about most of the stuff we did.  It was great seeing some former coworkers, who like myself have been promoted over the years.  It was also cool to be able to meet some folks who I would not get a chance to usually.

Lindsey and I took a wine tasting class (I do not know if class is the right word, but whatever).  It was definitely not very helpful for me, since I usually make the same face every time I take a sip of wine.  I usually cringe and shudder.  I had to really control myself not to do that.  I actually did like one of the wines though, it was a Pinot Gris from somewhere.  I think Oregon.

I actually enjoyed learning about the different historical things the guy was explaining.  Like where the terms come from and even the reasons for the different names of wines.  Unfortunately, I cannot smell any of the stuff he was talking about.  “You will notice a hint of blackberry, black cherry, black pepper, and even some slightly charred oak.”  Umm, sorry guy, I smell grapes and vinegar.  Also, you are supposed to sip and swish the wine in your mouth.  I just toss it back and swallow.  Oops.  I was tempted to call the guy out and ask him his opinion on the different studies that show wine tasting to be mostly bullshit.

We went bowling.  It was actually the first time that Lindsey and I have been bowling together.  Lindsey actually beat me the first game.  That is not surprising since I am terrible.  What was surprising though, was how Lindsey throws the ball.  She is right-handed, yet she steps with her right foot.  It is such an odd thing to watch.  I destroyed her the second game.

They also gave us a quick tour of the bunker, which I enjoyed.  To think that all of Congress would be there in the event of a nuclear strike is pretty cool.  Especially since no one really knew it was there.  They built it entirely in secret.

That was pretty much the extent of the non-work stuff.  Here are some more pictures of the place for your enjoyment.

These are the cloth towels in the restroom.  Very fancy.  Also, in our room, they would put a gold sticker on the toilet paper each time they came in to clean, which was like twice a day.

The bedroom was very floral.  It was like staying at your Great Aunt Sylvia’s house.

The sitting area.  There were tons of these couches and chairs all over the place.

At our final night dinner, the entertainment was Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. who won the sixth season of America’s Got Talent.  He was very good.  He sang mostly Frank Sinatra and other Rat Pack songs.  I enjoyed it.