What Are Hops?

Last night Lindsey and I went to Everyday’s Gourmet to enjoy some drinks while going over some wedding stuff.  We have to meet with the florists today and it seemed like a good time to figure out what we actually want and like in flowers.  And maybe in colors.  We actually have the colors narrowed down, but just need to make a final decision on the scheme. 

Anyways, since we were at EG, I was able to order a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.  I drank a few of those and Lindsey enjoyed some Sangria.  We decided to head home and continue doing work, so we stopped at the beer store and I was going to buy some Summer Shandy, but they did not have any.  I decided to try another Leinenkugel, the Hoppin’ Helles.  Lindsey drank some Raspberry wine from Greendance. 

The beer was pretty good, I like the Summer Shandy better, but this was not too bad.  The guy at the store also recommended the Sunset Wheat.  I may try that at some point.  The other Leinenkugel I have tried is the Berry Weiss, which was very good. 

Lindsey asked me a question:  what are hops?  I said that they were the plant that goes into beer.  And then I realized something:  I know nothing about hops.  Apparently it is a plant, which I knew.  You see those Sam Adams commercials, where he sticks his hands in the hops?  They look like artichokes.

It is interesting that they have no other real use minus some medicinal stuff.  I also wonder if this means that I like a hoppy beer?  I am trying to be someone who likes different beers, but it has been a long and arduous battle. 

And this post wins Most Pointless Post of the Month!