Who is Evelyn Sample?

I was watching the news tonight.  Seriously, I do that sometimes.  They said that PA IDs will now designate if someone is a veteran.  That is all well and good, but then they showed a picture of the ID:

Evelyn T. Sample?  She is willing to allow the DMV to put her ID on the internet?  That is pretty crazy.  I did a quick search on this one website called Google and I found that this poor girl has her ID all over the place!  That is crazy.

They used her ID back when they showed how it would look if she were an organ donor.

The story does not end with that.  I believe that Evelyn was the victim of identity theft.  Look at what my in-depth investigation discovered!

One of these girls is not who they say they are.  Who is the real one?  And why did she change the birth date?  We must get to the bottom of this!

Uh oh, after even further investigating scrolling down in Google image search, I have found that this may be the real Evelyn T. Sample and these other two girls are imposters.  Stealing that poor woman’s identity.