2014 Fantasy Baseball Week One

The season started out exactly how I wanted, with me dominating my opponent.  Okay, that is not fair, I do not think Thomas is playing attention.  I will message him on Facebook, and if he is not able to set a lineup on a regular basis, I may have to take action as commissioner. 

My team played fairly well for the most part.  After the first week, my team is leading or in the top five of almost every category.  My WHIP is a little high, but that will come down as some of the relievers settle in this season. 

My hitters fared quite well.  Only Hunter Pence was my weak link, but I expect him to be his typical self.  Brandon Belt had a great week, as did Salvador Perez.  I dropped Torii Hunter in order to pick up another reliever.  That meant that I had to start Starlin Castro.  He was hitless up until that point, but my hunch paid off as he hit .316 with two RBIs for the rest of the week.  Hopefully he can keep it up.  Mark Trumbo was probably my best hitter with a (7/5/13/0/.314/.368) line.  Remember, the line reads R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG/OBP.  I would love it if Trumbo could hit like that all the time.

I had some really great pitchers this week.  Zack Greinke had two wins and thirteen strikeouts, Adam Wainwright had one win and sixteen strikeouts, but those guys did not compare to Jose Fernandez, who had two wins, seventeen strikeouts, a .71 ERA and a .79 WHIP.  Yeah, that guy is awesome.

I picked up Sergio Santos and Brett Cecil, as well as Jose Valverde.  Cecil was a pick up since Santos struggled at first and the Jays allowed Cecil to pick up a save.  Valverde is Parnell’s replacement.  This means that I have a ton of relievers and no bench players.  I have George Springer just sitting there and I am deathly afraid of cutting him.  I have no clue if he will pan out, but I just do not want to be the guy who got rid of a superstar…again.

I am in first place in the division and tied with Gideon for the best record overall.  This week I take on Dustin who went 7-5 last week.