2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Three

Back to the winning side…barely.  My pitching was pretty decent, especially on the final day.  Unfortunately, my team does not seem to have any run scoring capabilities.  That is not good.

Eric Hosmer and Brandon Belt were my best hitters.  Hosmer had the better average (.375), but he had nothing else, zero runs, home runs, or stolen bases and only three RBIs.  Belt’s line was 2/1/2/1/.348/.400.  Looks like Belt is having a great start to the season, I hope he can keep it up.  The Astros finally called up George Springer, it will be slow going for him, but he is worth keeping.

Adam Wainwright, Jose Fernandez, and Zack Greinke were all great, although Greinke failed to pick up a win for the first time this season.  Fernandez had a very nice bounce back after that terrible start last week.  The relievers were also pretty good.  Jim Johnson may be getting back on track after being demoted from the closing role.  He picked up two wins and did not give up any runs for me.  Jose Valverde did not fare so well, but again, his demotion may be good for him.  He could be in line to pick up holds.  Always have to look on the bright side.

I am in first place in my division with a 22-13-1 record and I am in third place overall.  Ryan leads the league, with Don in second place (although we have the same record).  This week I take on Gideon.  On a side note, War Puigs is still in last, but they did beat Dustin.