2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Two

Damn it!  I lost to the guy who drafted Roy Halladay.  That is so embarrassing.  My team was pretty horrible all around, so there is no point in trying to say that I would have won if blah blah blah.

Starlin Castro was my best hitter 4/2/6/0/.360/.385 with Hanley Ramirez a close second.  It is not good when your shortstops are the best hitters.  After that I had no one hit over .300 and sadly there were three guys that hit below .200.  Ugh, not very good.

Zack Greinke had another good week (1/0/8/0/1.69/1.50).  Wainwright picked up another win, but he was not nearly as sharp as the previous week.  Jose Fernandez showed that he is human by having a horrible start with six strikeouts and a 13.50 ERA.  Ugh, not very good.

Sergio Santos was my best reliever with two saves and five strikeouts.  Rex Brothers had a win and a hold, but gave up some runs.  Jim Johnson was demoted as the closer after blowing some saves and having a 7.71 ERA this week.  Ugh, not very good.

I am currently in fourth place (second in my division) with a 16-8-0 record.  Ryan leads the league with Gideon tied with winning percentage, Mark leads my division and I am only a half game behind him and only two behind Ryan. 

A few of us made the decision to take over Thomas’ team since he was not setting his lineup.  I gave it to Lindsey, but I am the one doing the work.  Do not fear though, I am not planning on abusing this power or anything (it is almost like a committee that is in control of this team).  Gideon did give me crap about not setting lineups over the weekend, so it is now my goal to beat him with that team (which I renamed to War Puigs). 

This week I take on JasonI, who is 7-17-0 and in 10th place.  I could use a big win and a big loss from Ryan or Gideon.