I finally decided to upgrade my ride.  I was sick and tired of driving a car and went to Blue Knob Auto and traded it in for a 2013 Ford Escape.  Isn’t it sweet?

Just kidding!  This is just a rental while the fix my Impreza.  Yesterday when I was leaving the gym, my front bumper got caught on a piece of metal sticking out of the parking spot (it is hard to explain, but here it goes:  they use railroad ties to denote spots, and the front of my car is even with the top, unfortunately there was a metal bar sticking out, which caught on my front bumper and almost pulled it completely off).

My car should be done by Tuesday, so I guess I should not get too used to driving this one.  Oh, and Lindsey’s car needed to have the front axle replaced.  Seriously, we have no luck at all.