Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Lindsey and I went to see Captain America:  The Winter Soldier tonight.  The theater only had it in 3D, which I was pretty sure would cause Lindsey to either get sick or a headache.  Oh well, I failed to mention that to her.  I assumed she would fall asleep early on.

Anyways, on to the actual movie.  I thought it was pretty good.  I mean, it was not mind-blowing or anything.  And it really lacks the humor that you get in the Iron Man or Thor movies, but it does have a subtle humor that I enjoy.  Well let me just do some good/bad like I did for the last movie.  Also, there will be spoilers.

The Good
-Sam Wilson (the Falcon) was actually pretty awesome.  I thought it would be stupid trying to explain him, but they used the origin from the Ultimate universe.  He was a soldier who used an Exo-suit that allowed him to fly.  Probably based somewhat on Iron Man technology, which actually makes sense.

-Chris Evans is still awesome as Captain America.  He has that whole “man from the 1940s” thing down.  He is trying to adapt to his surroundings, he uses the modern tech fairly easily, yet still sees the world as it should be.

-The fight scenes between the Winter Soldier and Cap were also pretty cool.  Out of curiosity, did anyone out there not know that it was Bucky?  I knew because of reading comics, but it seemed fairly obvious. 

-The scene where Nick Fury looks at his grave.  If you notice, the epitaph says “the path of the righteous man…”  Yep, Pulp Fiction reference. 

-I also liked Sharon Carter although I wish they would have did a little more with the character.  Will she show up in the Avengers or will she be featured in the next Cap movie?  That would make sense, especially if they go with the death of Captain America…

-The mid-credit scene was cool.  Baron von Strucker has Loki’s scepter and we learn that he also has twins there.  A boy who can move super-fast and a girl who can control things with her mind.  This is the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

-The end-credit scene was neat.  It was Bucky at the Smithsonian looking at his own history.  I am guessing we will see him again.  Or they are setting up another Captain America movie, especially if Cap dies in the next Avengers movie. 

The Bad
-The plot.  So basically Hydra was able to infiltrate SHIELD from the beginning and manipulate the world to the point where they are now?  It seemed like half the agents were working for Hydra.  And, if these helicarriers are so badass that they would be able to kill 20,000,000 people yet they constantly get destroyed.

-Seriously, the plot.  So in order to stop Hydra, Black Widow just puts all of secrets of state on the internet?  How does this help out?  And what changed that Nick Fury figured he could trust Natasha, Sam, and Captain America?  Also, why does he know he can trust Maria Hill and not Pierce, who has been his friend for years?

-What was the point of the USB drive?  They take it to a base where it ends up activating an evil Hydra ghost in the machine type guy.  Then he explains everything to them.  I just do not get the point.  If Pierce set up Fury, why did he need the information on the USB drive?  If Fury was trying to find out what was going on inside SHIELD, then why send Captain America and his team to stop it?  That makes no sense either!

-These movies need to stop with the destruction of something massive.  Three helicarriers are brought down.  Granted they all ended up in the Potomac River, but you cannot tell me that it would not have caused billions of dollars of damage, not to mention a few people getting hurt or dying.  This was a movie about spies and the morality of stopping terrorists before they ever start.  It did not need a city wide destruction scene.  Leave that to the next Avengers movie. 

Comic Book Movie Grade:  B-/C+