Change is Good

Remember back in November 2010 when I said about decorating our apartment?  No?  Why not?  You should remember everything I write about.  Seriously, what kind of reader are you if you can barely remember what I wrote three and a half years ago?  Just kidding, I could barely remember it!

Since that time we have never rearranged or made any changes to the living room.  For one thing, we plan on moving at some point and we want to do our house different than our current place, so there is no sense in changing the decorations.  Also, since it is so small of a space, we never really thought we could rearrange the living room.

The big obstacle was the heat.  We were afraid that if we moved the leather couch to close to the heater that it could damage the couch.  Today, while cleaning, I realized something:  the couch has been against the heater for years and nothing has happened.  Screw it, time for a change!  I decided to move the couch and the television.

Naturally, I thought this would take like five minutes.  Well, it did not.  It took me a few hours.  I had to go to Wal-Mart to buy some coaxial cable because what was there would not reach the TV in it’s new spot.  I feel like DirecTV has about 1200 different cables and wires.  Not cool!

I finally got it done and I am quite happy with the result.  We have some space in the corner, which makes Lindsey happy because she can buy an end table or something neat that way.

And yes, I plan on hiding that bit of cable.  I figure once she buys an end table or something for that corner, I can pull the cable tight and hide the slack behind whatever she puts there.