Game of Thrones: Breaker of Chains

So Joffrey’s dead and it is time to learn what will happen in the world without the evil little bastard around.  Also, people are freaking about the Sept-Rape.  I did not think it was that big of a deal.  I will get to that in a second.  As always there could be spoilers for those that have not read the books.

-Tyrion is in prison and it does not look good for him.  Tywin, Mace Tyrell, and the Red Viper will be the judges at his trial.  Leave it to Tywin to manipulate a situation to make an enemy into an ally.  If Oberyn helps with this, he will be given a position on the Small Council and a chance to speak with the Mountain.

Sadly though, Podrick has been offered the position of knight as long as he testifies that Tyrion bought a poison.  He told them no, which means that he is as good as dead.  Tyrion orders him to leave King’s Landing, which for those who read the books that means we get the fun and exciting adventures of Brienne and Pod!

-Speaking of Tywin, has there ever been a better grandfather?  When Tommen is taken to see Joffrey (you know, his dead brother), Tywin decides it is a good time to question the boy about what makes a good king.  Tommen gives some decent answers, but Tywin shoots them down.  Tommen says that wisdom makes a good king and Tywin manipulates the boy by saying that if he always surrounds himself with good advisers then he will be a good king.  Yeah, good adviser obviously means Tywin.  Grandpa then insults Joffrey in front of Cersei by saying that he was a shitty king.

-At least the mystery of who killed Joffrey is solved (for us anyway).  Littlefinger rescues Sansa (and then kills the drunken knight).  He shows her that the necklace was a fake and it looks like he was behind everything.  Also, this is not the first time he has framed Tyrion for something.  If the necklace held the poison then it would seem that Olenna was in on it, although why kill Joffrey before Margaery becomes the official queen?

-Things are looking bad at Castle Black.  The Wildlings attack a small village and try to get the Night’s Watch to come fight.  It is obviously what they want and Jon Snow is the voice of reason with Ser Thorne.  I do not remember those two ever getting along in the book, but not going to the village is the right thing to do, just like going after the deserters is also the right thing, which Thorne realizes.

-Daenerys goes to Meereen.  They send out their champion, who proceeds to piss on the ground and insult her army.  Daario offers to kill the man and then turns down a horse to ride.  He waits for the charging horse to come close and throws a knife into it’s eye.  Once the rider is thrown, he goes over and kills the guy.  It was badass.  I like Sonny as Daario.

The Mother of Dragons speaks to the slaves and says that she is there to free them.  She says what she did at Yunkai and Astipoor.  Then she catapults the chains from those cities at Meereen.  The slaves see it and they recognize their freedom.  Only a matter of time before they revolt and let her in.  I just hope the show does not have her stay in Meereen as long as the books did…

-The Sept Rape scene.  Jaime orders everyone out of the Sept so Cersei can mourn Joffrey.  He starts to kiss her and she pulls away.  He grabs her and forces her down.  She says no, but he rapes her.  I think he even says that he does not care what she wants.  This sort of happens in the book.  The difference is that Jaime just returned from his captivity.  The first time they see each other is with dead Joffrey lying there.  They have sex, but it is not so much a rape, just an awkward time to have sex.  Although, the scene is told from Jaime’s POV, so maybe it was not as consensual as we thought.

I think this way though, it will allow Jaime to incur her hatred a bit more.  Especially when he helps Tyrion.  If I remember correctly, in the books it is Jaime he starts to pull away from her.  As he tries to repair his honor and become a better man, he sees her for what she is and she ends up wanting him, but he rejects her.  Am I remembering that correctly?