Game of Thrones: The Lion and The Rose

Another great episode.  Only two episodes in and already they decide to kill off a main character.  But before we get to that, what all happened?

-Ramsay hunts some girl.  My brother informed me that her name is Tansy and if you read the books you will know that name has some significance.  The girl with Ramsay that shoots Tansy is the same girl who seduced Theon before he is castrated.  Ramsay does prove to his father that he has Theon broken and that he knows about Bran and Rickon being alive.

-Tyrion gives Joffrey a book as his wedding gift.  Joffrey decides to use his new sword to cut the book in half and send a message to Tyrion about what he thinks of stupid books.

-Prince Oberyn has a great dig at Tywin and Cersei.  Actually the entire exchange between them was fantastic.  The Red Viper gives a not-so-subtle hint that they have Cersei’s daughter in Dorne and at least they do not rape and murder women and children in the south.

-Bran discovered a new superpower.  Not only is he a warg, but he can also touch the face on the tree and see things.  I guess trees are alive and they are probably all connected, right?  Also, did everyone notice the shadow of a dragon Bran saw over a city?

-Jaime and Bronn training together.  Bronn is so cocky, it is a great fit.  Although, in the book, it was Ilyn Payne who trains with Jaime.  I like the change (the guy who plays Ser Payne is on his death bed, which is sad), Bronn is a great character.  The only thing I will miss is Ilyn laughing at Jaime being so bad.  Since he has no tongue, his laughing comes out as clicking, which just makes Jaime more and more mad.

-Okay, the main thing here was the wedding.  Joffrey makes everyone uncomfortable and slightly angry by getting a bunch of little people to reenact the War of the Five Kings.  He then tries to get Tyrion to fight them.  Tyrion gives some great jabs at the king, which only makes Joff more angry.  He forces his uncle to be his cup-bearer.

Margaery distracts him by yelling that it is time for pie.  She feeds him a piece and when Tyrion gives him another drink, the young king starts to choke.  He then collapses and dies.  Cersei immediately sees Tyrion with the goblet and screams for the guards to seize him.

The best part about the scene (aside from watching Joffrey die) was the way the camera stopped on all the suspects.  For those of us who read the books, we know who did it, but did the TV folk put together a suspect list?  Who is on it?

Also, I have to give mad props (I am certain I have never said that phrase on this blog) to the writers for not pushing the Purple Wedding (that is what some folks call it) until the end of the season.  Takes some serious balls to kill off a main character in the second episode of the season.