Justified: Has Raylan Crossed a Line?

There were a bunch of really cool things that happened on this week’s episode of Justified.  Instead of discussing the entire episode though, I want to talk about the ending. Here is a quick recap of what I am talking about:

Raylan goes to the judge and wants permission to do something, which Vasquez does not want to do, but agrees that it is their last resort if they want to get Daryl Crowe.  Raylan then tosses out his final card while holding Wendy and Daryl.  He informs them that Kendal will be tried as an adult for the attempted murder of a federal officer, which would carry a minimum sentence of forty years (I think that was what they said).

Obviously, Wendy is in horror and she will most likely push Daryl to admit to being the shooter.  As we have seen though, Daryl does not have a problem saving his own skin.  He sends Wendy to get the drugs just so he could never have his hands on them and be arrested for possession.

My question is whether or not Raylan has went too far?  If his gamble does not pay off and Daryl allows Kendal to go down for this as an adult then Raylan is ruining that kid’s life.  I could actually see something bad happening to Daryl, but since there is no evidence to back their theory, Kendal will then be tried as an adult.  That will be something that Raylan will have to live with.

To me it seems like this is Raylan trying to play by the rules.  This is what he thinks would make Art happy.  Instead of Raylan just going out and trying to get Daryl to draw a gun on him, he is using the law to pressure him.  This is probably the smart decision by a lawman, but like I said, there could be unintended consequences.  If the Mexican Cartel kills Daryl first, then Raylan’s plan failed and Kendal will be in jail for just about forever.

I believe this is the route the show will go since the judge warned Raylan that once you release this bullet, you cannot put it back in the chamber.  Will this be the thing that causes Raylan to truly realize that the ends do not always justify the means?  Also, will Boyd be somehow involved in all of this and will that be what causes those two to have the showdown next season that we all have been waiting for?