The Power of the Force

I was reading about the casting announcement for the new Star Wars movie and immediately felt myself growing excited.  I want to be cynical and be like “ugh, this will be soooo stupid.”  However, the child inside me gets excited and I have decided to say screw it and embrace this new trilogy.  Anyways, that is not what this post is about. Instead, I want to discuss the force. 

Yes, the made-up power that binds the universe together in a fictional world.  I guess my thinking stems from this post over at Skeptoid.  I am not discussing if the Force is something that exists in our universe, I am musing about it in the Star Wars Realm.  Understand?

I have always assumed that the Force is some kind of power source (do not get me started on midichlorians or whatever) that a Jedi can tap into.  The Force is neither good, nor evil.  It is what you do with that power that is good/evil, correct?  Being a Jedi is basically a moral code, a philosophy, a path to live life. 

I think that makes sense to the majority of us, right?  Then explain the Dark Side of the Force.  Does the Force have a negative half as in there is a positive and negative?  If so, does the Force have some weird moral code?  How does it know what is good/evil?  That makes no sense to me.

So if the Force is neither good nor evil then it comes down to the person wielding the power, correct?  Basically if the user is angry then he taps into the Force and manipulates it a different way than how the wielder uses it if he is at peace or calm.

Here is my question, if a person is angry and uses the power he wields for the good of people, does that make him evil?  Remember when Obi-Wan loses Qui-Gon and he attacks Darth Maul?  He was super pissed off, you do not think he was using the Dark Side?  Or when Luke attacks Vader after he mentions his sister? 

What if you are a really angry guy, you know, like Jax Teller or something.  You see a building collapse and it pisses you off to think that it was destroyed by someone, you use the Dark Side to lift the wreckage and save a bunch of people.  Does that make you a bad person?  You just access the Force differently than a bunch of hippy, religious zealots at the Jedi Academy.

Being calm and at peace does not necessarily mean what you are doing is good.  Remember when Luke and Obi-Wan go into the cantina at Mos Eisley?  Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba give Luke some shit and Obi-Wan cuts off Baba’s arm with little provocation.  Does old Ben even know if these guys are evil?  They could just be guys messing with Luke…

What if you were a sociopath and could access the Force?  You would be calm and to yourself would be doing what is “good.”  So does that make the person who is killing folks for no reason a Jedi Knight?  I hope not.

Am I the only person who really thinks about this stuff?