Trip to DC II

This year’s vacation is kind of mimicking last year.  We went to a Pirates game, visited some of my family, saw a movie, and went to DC.  This year we went down Friday afternoon.  Naturally we followed the GPS, which told us to go a different way than we went last time.  Well it took us on the scenic tour of Leesburg and a bunch of farm country in Loudon County.  Lindsey’s family made fun of us for that when we arrived.  They could not believe we could not remember how to get there.

That night after dinner we went to a bar in that area called Glory Days with Lindsey’s cousin.  The place was pretty crowded, but we found a few seats at the bar.  Unfortunately, there was not enough for all of us.  I said I would stand.  The seat that Lindsey took must have belonged to this guy who was standing.  His wife informed us that it was his seat and Lindsey started to get up, but the guy turned and said that it was alright, he would stand.  Lindsey asked if he was sure and he said yes.

His wife bitched and yelled at him for the next half hour.  She kept calling him a pussy for not standing up for himself.  She probably dropped like twenty f-bombs during the argument.  After awhile the fight escalated into him being a failure at work because he was such a f*@$&ing pussy.  This sort of thing would not bother me except that they had their daughter there.  The little girl was between five and eight, so she could definitely understand that kind of language.

The next day we got up and split apart for some fun activities.  Lindsey and her mom went shopping, while her step-dad and I went to the Smithsonian.  On the Metro, I found some guy’s wallet.  He just got off and I tried to yell for him, but he had his headphones on.  I looked through his wallet to try and find a phone number, but to no avail.  I turned it in at the stop, but I felt bad.  That guy’s Metro card was in there, so he probably realized it right away.  I even went so far as to look him up on Facebook to try and get in touch to tell him to stay there and I would come back.  Oh well.  At least I did not take any of his money.

We went to the Holocaust Museum first, but you need tickets to get into the exhibits.  All the tickets are timed reservations and ours were for much later than we could stick around to use.  We left there and went to the American History Museum.  We spent about four hours in there and only saw about 50% of the stuff.  We spent the majority of the time in the war section.  I love how they glossed over World War I.

We got back to the house at like 6:00 p.m.  Lindsey and her mom did not return until much later.  In fact, we were in the middle of eating dinner when they finally arrived.  Why were they so late?  They got lost coming home.  Way to go ladies!

Sunday was Lindsey’s uncle’s 70th birthday party.  It was actually a birthday brunch at Carmine’s.  It was a pretty fancy place.  Everyone had a great time.  Oddly enough, we had pretty crappy service.  We were a party of 17 and we only had one server.  She did not focus on the birthday boy, nor did she seem all that pleasant.  There was a guy who was helping her, but he was not he main server.  They should have been splitting the party.

We left there and made our way home, which was much easier than it appeared at first.  Leaving downtown DC and getting back to PA was pretty simple.  Fortunately traffic was not too terrible, so it helped with the ease.  Anyways, vacation is over and tomorrow I have to return to work…ugh.