2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Eight

Looks like another nice week from my team.  I beat Mark pretty easily, although I was nervous because I forgot to set my pitchers two times this week, so I ended up missing on two Adam Wainwright starts, which he had two wins, no runs, and 21 Ks.  Fortunately, I did not even need him.

I had two hitters in serious beast mode all week.  And it was definitely not two that you would expect:  Jose Altuve (7/1/3/2/.483/.500) and Hunter Pence (7/3/5/0/.444/.565).  Yet for some reason, those were not the best hitters!  Yasiel Puig destroyed this week (5/1/3/1/.522/.607).  I know that people do not like him, but seriously, that is a great week.  George Springer also had a nice week (3/1/2/0/.300/.462), it looks like I made a wise decision holding onto him.

Wainwright was my best pitcher, but since he did not start for me then he does not count.  Corey Kluber had some nice starts (1/0/17/0/1.93/1.21).  The two Zacks pitched well, but did not pick up any wins.  Chris Archer finally had some nice starts.  My relievers had some nice games and it was headed by Steve Cishek (1/1/5/0/0.00/0.86).  I may struggle to get saves for a bit, but I think that is okay at the moment.

I am now in first place overall with a 60-33-3 record.  Pat is in second place with Ryan in third (but first in his division).  Lindsey dropped to eighth place with a 41-50-5 record after a loss to Pat.  This week I take on Don, who is having a down year, but he is still dangerous.  Another big win could propel me to a big lead on Pat and Ryan.