2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Five

Number one versus number two.  The future battle for the championship.  I know, it is pretty cocky saying that we are destined to be in the finals, but c’mon, who else has the firepower to step up to these two teams?

As you can see, this first match up did not go in my favor, but I will get a rematch before the playoffs.  I was actually winning most of the week, but then my pitching completely blew up over Friday and Saturday.  Hell, it took Jose Fernandez and Corey Kluber having great games to bring that ERA back to a 5.00.

Speaking of those two pitchers, how outstanding of a week did they each have?  Fernandez (1/0/18/0/1.20/.87) and Kluber (0/0/18/0/2.84/1.34) with two starts.  How shitty is it to pitch that well and only get one win out of those four starts?  After another blown save, I dropped Sergio Santos.  I am really hurting for saves at the moment.

Yasiel Puig had a huge double header on Thursday.  He had six hits and helped him to a 4/1/7/3/.444/.531 line.  That is the guy that I decided to keep.  That is a week worthy of a superstar.  Aside from him, I had good weeks from Castro, Jose Altuve, and Pence.

I am now 35-23-2 and still in second place, but now I am four games behind Ryan.  This week I take on Sean, who is having a bad season, but I think it may have to do with being a bit distracted…  And Gideon, how did it feel to be beaten by War Puigs???  Lindsey has taken that team to a 24-35-1 record.  Great job!