2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Seven

There is nothing worse than beating someone and still ending up in second place.  Pat is now ahead of me.  Technically we are tied, but he has a better division record, so I am in second place.  Damn it.

Yet again, my hitting was pretty dominant, but my pitching was not so great.  I mean, the pitching still won, but it was not very good.  Without Jose Fernandez, my pitching might actually be in trouble.  Plus, the relievers are still being weak.  I may need to get drastic here.

All of my hitters were awesome, minus Eric Hosmer.  He was the only one who had a bad week.  Salvador Perez had a pretty good week, but it was awesome getting Devin Mesoraco back.  He had a pretty awesome first day back for me going 4/4.  Puig was probably the best for me.  He had a 5/3/10/0/.348/.464 line.

I need to point out that Corey Kluber has had a pretty good season.  He had the terrible start at the beginning of the year, but since then he has been pretty awesome.  He picked up a win again with nine strikeouts.  He now has 66 strikeouts on the season with four wins and a 3.38 ERA.  Thanks Corey!

As I said, I am now in second place with a 52-29-3 record.  I take on Mark, who is in 8th place and should provide an easy win.  On a side note, Lindsey lost 3-9 to Ryan, so you guys do not get a cover of War Pigs this week.  Sorry.