2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Six

Sorry Sean, I will not make fun of you for getting destroyed by me.  I understand that you are preoccupied.  Instead, I will thank you for being so bad and thank Gideon for beating up Ryan.  I am now in first place.  Great work guys!

It is interesting that my hitting looks pretty dominant in the rate categories, but when it comes to the cumulative stats, it was actually much closer.  I must be getting lots of singles from guys on bad teams.  I was led by Eric Hosmer (4/1/8/0/.452/.471) and Salvador Perez (5/1/1/0/.370/.393).  Yasiel Puig was also very good (3/2/4/0/.368/.429) and it looks like Hanley Ramirez is deciding to hit the ball (4/2/4/0/.269/.367).

The player I was most happy with though was George Springer.  He has been a slight disappointment, but I have decided to stick with him.  I am not saying he busted out and had a monster week, but he had a week that was worth having him start.  This (4/2/3/0/.286/.310) is a good week for most players and I hope this means he will string a few more weeks like this together.

Over on the pitching side…well things were not so good.  Corey Kluber and Adam Wainwright were both great.  Zack Greinke and Zack Wheeler were good, but the rest of the team did not fare so well.  I may need to start dropping some of these middle relievers and looking in the scrap heap to find something better.

This week I take on Stallions, who is in 9th place and not having a very good first season.  As I said, I am currently in first place with a 44-26-2 record.  War Puigs beat Offord 10-0, putting her record at 34-35-3 and she is now in 7th place (3rd in the division).

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    1. I suppose it would depend on how badly you need pitching? If you have another first base option then I say go for it. Or at least counter and try to get the other person to toss in a relief pitcher or something minor.

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