24: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

I actually thought for a second that Jack and Chloe were going to catch the red-headed daughter of Catelyn Stark.  I figured they would catch her and it would turn out that there was an even bigger plot involving the International Space Station, which would give us the show we really wanted:  Jack Bauer in Space!

Okay, I may have went a bit out there, but it seemed like it was going so smooth and that nothing would stop Jack.  Well maybe the CIA because that would be fitting.  The intelligence agency stopping the guy trying to stop a terrorist attack.  Then it would turn out that one of the CIA people is the mole.  See, 24 has been fairly predictable in the past.

Granted, this is a fairly large plot.  They want to start World War III.  Hopefully this will just be the Al-Hirazi family and not some larger more clandestine group pulling the strings.  I have said it before back in the old days that this show always starts off great, but that it should end after about twelve episodes.  Hmm, they must have listened to me…

It was nice to see a rare moment of humanity from Jack.  As Chloe tells him about what happened to Morris and Prescott, you could actually see the hurt in his eyes.  And then she reveals that it was someone trying to take her out since she knew about Jack (umm, did she seem like a crazy conspiracy nut at that point?).  He gives her the ole “you have to help me stop terrorists so that their deaths mean something”-speech.

I definitely enjoyed how Jack handled the double-cross by Adrian.  Instead of being captured at the gate, he just starts a riot.  Shooting some protesters in the legs (non-lethally of course) and then slips in the gates as everyone attacks the soldiers.

I also liked how Naveed was not so much bothered that his wife was boning some dirty hacker guy, while staying at a drug kingpins apartment, sorry flat.  Instead he was just having second thoughts about causing the collapse of civilization by starting world war.  Something tells me Catelyn Stark will be cutting his throat at some point.  Or maybe her red-headed daughter (her name is Simone, I could call her that) will end up having to kill Naveed.

Agent Kate was not featured enough, but we did learn something important.  There is no way her partner (Eric) is playing for the other team.  He is a dick.  He makes a comment that she is so good at her job, that it is mind-blowing that she could have been so blind about her husband.  Dick move guy.  Know what that means?  Not a mole.  There is always a guy they want you to think is a jerk and could be a mole, but always turns out to be the good guy.

We also learn that Agent Kate is definitely a bit more like Jack Bauer.  She will have no problem breaking the rules and joining his team in order to stop the bad guys.  She kidnaps Basher instead of letting him go and then takes him to a rival gang in order to get him to talk.  She does not need torture.  The threat of torture is just as a effective.

What would Catelyn Stark have done if her son would have said that it would take at least six hours to convert that hardware?  Come to think of it, why was he not prepared for this contingency?  I am no computer hardware engineer, but he had to have at least an idea of what he would be working with.  Why not have a couple of things ready in case this guy used A, B, or C?  Or am I completely talking out my ass here?

And one final thought, can we please have a look inside Jack’s satchel at some point?  What cool stuff does he carry in there?  I hope he has Skittles.  And plenty of Cuervo…