24: 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

I did not realize how much I missed having 24 around.  Will it ever be called the greatest show ever?  Nope.  It will never compete with Mad Men, Breaking Bad, or any of the other shows that people list in their top ten.  I am quite alright with that.  Seeing Jack Bauer beat people up and torture suspects is what is needed every Monday night.

Unfortunately, I forgot that my DVR does not have a mind link with me and did not know to record the show.  I missed the first ten minutes, but it does not seem like I missed too much.  When I came in, Jack was being captured by the CIA (I guess CTU does not exist anymore?).  Turned out that he was actually allowing them to catch him so they would take him to the special interrogation and he could break Chloe out.

The best part of the break out was when Jack is hooked up to the monitors and the interrogator is like “we cannot get a baseline, he is completely steady.”  That was the sign that not only is Jack back, but he is just as badass as always.

He breaks Chloe out and it turns out that she is a hacker who likes to break into intelligence agencies stuff and leak it to the public.  Yes, this was Jack’s way of saying WikiLeaks is dumb and anti-American.  Jack needs her help to find a guy who might be trying to help assassinate the president.

And who is the President in whatever year this would be?  It has to be like 2040ish since there have been like 12 presidents during the run of this show.  I am being facetious, calm down people who actually figured it out.  Anyways, former Secretary of Defense Heller is the President now.  You may remember him, since his daughter is Audrey…Jack’s old girlfriend.

Heller is in London for some treaty with London that will allow the United States to keep a base there.  Unfortunately, the assassins use a drone in Afghanistan to blow up an American convoy that is carrying some British officers.  They are framing a drone pilot and making it look like the U.S. is covering it up.  The goal is some kind of global war.  And who is the villain behind it all?  Catelyn Stark!  Crazy, right?

I was a little confused about Jack’s defense of Heller though.  Did he forget about the time when he brought Heller the evidence about President Logan and Heller wanted to use it to force Logan to resign?  I think that showed the depth of Heller’s honor.

It is nice to see that Audrey is no longer catatonic.  Although, what are the odds that her husband has some ulterior motive?  She really does find the good guys.  Remember when Jack tortured her ex-husband (or was he her ex-boyfriend?) with a lamp?  That was awesome.

There were a few things that you could easily see coming.  Derek being killed by his girlfriend?  Yeah that was fairly obvious.  As soon as she started trying to have sex with him while he was on the phone, I knew that she would kill him eventually.  Did not see her jabbing a knife through his ear while he took a piss though.  Not a fun way to die.

Also, Agent Kate will obviously begin to believe Jack and they will team up to stop the threat.  Somehow they will make a deal, if he helps her stop this, then turn himself in, maybe it will help during his sentencing.  Could she be the love of Jack’s life?  If she is, then she is doomed.  Jack’s ladies do not have good luck.

Yes, so much of the episode seems like stuff we have seen before.  Yes, the characters are basically the same ones we had in previous seasons.  But you know what?  I do not care.  Jack is back and that is all you really need.