24: 2:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m.

This is the kind of episode I was missing.  Jack breaks into the embassy, takes down a few guards, shoots three Marines, takes hostages and speaks to the President.  Pretty much a normal hour in the world of Jack Bauer.

Jack has to buy time in order to download the information from the drone pilots flight key.  How does Jack do that?  Well he takes three people hostage.  Yet, in order to remind us that Jack has no completely lost it, when the Marines are about to storm the room, Jack takes the time to barricade them and make sure they will be safe.

If they ever need someone to play Sansa Stark…

I especially enjoyed the conversation between Jack and President Heller.  Naturally the President would not believe Jack.  Would we really have it any other way?  That is what always makes this show so great (or so frustrating):  we always know that Jack is correct, yet no one will listen to him, and then Jack will have to go all renegade in order to save the day.

The Marines that were going in were given orders to take Jack alive, but the guy in charge told one of the guys to make sure Jack does not make it out.  Agent Kate knows something is wrong, so she goes through the ceiling and convinces Jack to surrender to her.  Why would she do this?  She believes Jack.  I called that one right from the beginning.

Over on the bad guy side.  We learn that Catelyn Stark (her name is Margot) is definitely evil and crazy.  She is going to blow up London, but she forces Simone to tell her what is wrong with Naveed.  Then Margot uses her own daughter to force Naveed to pilot the drones.  How would she do this?  Well she has her men chop off one of Simone’s fingers.  Yeah, that is hardcore.

So how does this episode end?  Does Jack finally go out saving the world?  Would they really end Jack Bauer?  I mean, it is not like the President could just forgive him and allow him back in the country, could he?