24: 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

It was a pretty lackluster episode, minus a few pretty cool things.  It does look like next week will have some torture and action with Jack doing his thing.  There always has to be at least one episode like this, where it sets everything up and gets the characters in place.

Damn, Simone is a tough chick.  After getting her finger chopped off by her mother, she then watches as her mom shoots her husband in the head.  She just stares at the situation with that calm understanding of seeing something that must be done.  I thought Catelyn Stark was cold…

I also enjoyed how Jack gives the President an ultimatum:  allow him to go after these terrorists or else he will not give them the name of the arms dealer.  Although it looks like the President will not need him since Naveed left it so they could be tracked.  They send in a team, but it goes awry when Naveed’s plan was figured out and they sent the CIA to fake spot.  Luckily Agent Kate teamed with Chloe so they could save the CIA!

There was also a tearful reunion between Audrey and Jack.  Okay, it was not that tearful, but at least she will not be a distraction and it gives Jack a chance with Agent Kate.  I thought for sure though that Mark was going to resign from his position as Chief of Staff.  That has to happen every season, correct?  He even started the conversation by taking the blame for not coming to them with the Jack stuff, usually that ends with “I will put in my resignation right away.”

Are Chloe and Aiden a thing?  If so, that needs to end right away.  How could she ever date a guy who once asked “why a spoon cousin?”