A Month of Comedy: Bill Maher

Everyday this month I will be posting one of my favorite comedians.  There will be plenty of videos and a little bit about why I like them.  The videos are most likely NSFW.

I love watching Real Time With Bill Maher.  I do not always agree with Bill, but I enjoy his take on things and I especially enjoy his interviews.  His new rules are probably the funniest part of the show and that is usually where you really see that he is a comedian.  Aside from that, he has some pretty funny stand-up specials on HBO.  He is basically the liberal version of Dennis Miller.  I appreciate him a bit more because of his staunch atheism.

Do not get me wrong though, sometimes he can be a little crazy about certain things.  For example, he seems to be against vaccines and science-based medicine.  Also, he tried to disprove the Bible by using the old Christ was born on December 25, just like a bunch of other gods (in his movie, Religulous) and comparing Christ to all those gods.  It is a bad argument and one that historians tend to laugh at.  Despite these flaws, I still think he is hilarious.