A Month of Comedy: Denis Leary

Everyday this month I will be posting one of my favorite comedians.  There will be plenty of videos and a little bit about why I like them.  The videos are most likely NSFW.

Denis Leary is the first comedian I was ever introduced to by someone other than a family member.  Up until about 7th or 8th grade, my dad was the person who always had different comedy tapes that we would listen to in his truck.  My friend Justin told me about Leary and on a trip to the mall in Clearfield (the dirtball mall according to my brother), I found the CD “Locked & Loaded” at the music store.  I bought it and listened to it like fifty times.  I immediately made my parents take me to a music store so I could buy “No Cure For Cancer.”

As a teenager, I could probably recite every Leary bit from those two discs.  It was only later in life that I learned about how Leary may have lifted some of his material from another comedian who will make an appearance at a later date.  Even with that being the case, I still think his stuff was hilarious, so whatever.