A Month of Comedy: George Carlin

Everyday this month I will be posting one of my favorite comedians.  There will be plenty of videos and a little bit about why I like them.  The videos are most likely NSFW.

George Carlin is the greatest comedian of all time.  In my most humble opinion, although I cannot imagine too many people trying to argue this point with me.  I have seen every single one of his HBO specials, hell I bought the box set for my brother for Christmas a few years ago and recently borrowed it so I could watch them all again.

My first exposure to Carlin was from my Dad.  He would recite some of his stuff for us for a laugh and then when I was probably 11 or 12, he let me watch one of his specials on HBO.  I think that was the age (maybe a little younger) where you really start to understand some of the dirtier jokes, although you try to pretend like you do not.  I am pretty sure my friends and I all told dirty jokes to each other at school, but you could never let on that you knew or understood that stuff around your parents (although my Dad was cool with us hearing or seeing things that many of my friends would never be allowed to listen to or watch).

From that point on in life I was hooked on the genius of George Carlin.  I bought his books, I listened to anything I could find, and I even got the chance to see him perform at Penn State.  It was funny because when I saw him there, I had already watched his show so much on HBO that I knew all the jokes, yet it was still hilarious.  Although he must have been working in stuff for his next show as well because he added a few jokes that I later saw in his next special.

Carlin was the kind of comic who proved that there is no topic that cannot be funny.  His final special was basically all about death.  There were so many funny things about death that people probably never think about.

Another one of those off limit topics he tackled so well was rape.  He makes the point that you can joke about anything.

This next one is probably my favorite.  People Who Ought To Be Killed.  I think this is one of those hilarious things that I use to live my life.  I figure if I am not on one this list, I am doing things right…

Another thing that Carlin loved to tackle was religion.  He obviously did not believe in religion and he loved to point out the stupid stuff in the Bible or the silly things that religious people believe.

You ever wonder what George Carlin thought about the environment?

He was great at doing the long topics, but he could also come off with really funny, very random jokes…

Another one I remember, yet I cannot find online, he says “it’s like my granddad used to say ‘kids, I’m going upstairs to fuck your grandma.”  Those simple little one-line jokes help him change direction, but also make you realize he is a master of all comedy.

He is probably most famous for his seven words bit, which I would be remiss in my duties of sharing great clips if I did not provide…

Or maybe you know him best from these…

Everyone loves the Baseball vs. Football, but my favorite one is this next one about sports and what constitutes as a sport.

Well okay, I can seriously go on all day.  This entire month has been a blast getting a chance to listen to all these comedians.  I hope you enjoyed this entire month!