A Month of Comedy: Jamie Foxx

Everyday this month I will be posting one of my favorite comedians.  There will be plenty of videos and a little bit about why I like them.  The videos are most likely NSFW.

Jamie Foxx is a talented guy.  He was great on In Living Color, awesome in a bunch of movies (most notably The Great White Hype), a talented musician, and a very funny comedian.  I probably watched his stand-up special (“I Might Need Security”) about twenty times when it was first on HBO.  So many great bits.

I cannot seem to find one of my favorite ones, where he talks about being in the movie Any Given Sunday with LL Cool J, who he says thought they were really football players.  And when they have their fight in the movie, LL actually hit Foxx.  It is a hilarious story, he also talks about how Al Pacino was talking to him and spit came out of his mouth and landed on his lip.  I almost peed my pants laughing at that one.

Also, he had probably the greatest put down of another comedian at a roast…