A Month of Comedy: Jerry Seinfeld

Everyday this month I will be posting one of my favorite comedians.  There will be plenty of videos and a little bit about why I like them.  The videos are most likely NSFW.

As you can tell, Jerry Seinfeld is very high on this list.  Most of the reason for that is because of Seinfeld, which I think is one of the greatest shows ever.  So much of the show centered on his situational/observance stand-up, which he is the king.

I also think of him as one of the true masters of stand-up.  If you ever want to see why Jerry is so great, watch Talking Funny.  He is telling the guys about a bit that Louis CK does that he loves.  He then tells the joke, but as he finishes, Louis and Chris Rock stop him and say that it was absolutely amazing to see Jerry take a Louie joke and make it into a Jerry Seinfeld joke.

Seinfeld proves that a true genius can talk about anything and make it funny.  He also is another comic who does not rely on swearing or being obscene to get a laugh.  Like I have said a few times, it does not make much difference to me if someone swears or not, but when you hear Seinfeld say a “bad” word, it actually makes you shudder.  It just does not sound right.