A Month of Comedy: Sam Kinison

Everyday this month I will be posting one of my favorite comedians.  There will be plenty of videos and a little bit about why I like them.  The videos are most likely NSFW.

Sam Kinison is one of my favorites, but I can barely remember his stand-up.  This was another guy that my dad would listen to in his truck while driving to our camp.  I only remember Kinison being very loud and saying fuck a lot.  I do remember laughing though and my dad cracking up to the point that I would wonder if he was having a heart attack.

Now that I am older and understand the jokes a bit more, I realize just how funny this guy was.  It is a shame that so many comedians seem to die early.  I also remember him being hilarious on the episode of Married With Children…where he played the role of Al’s angel in a sendup of It’s a Wonderful Life.