Beached Whale

I read this article the other day and laughed.  Not at the beached whale, that is sad.  Not even at the fact that someone tagged it with graffiti, that is just stupid.  I laughed at the quote from the spokesperson of Tau Epsilon Phi that says that this was a reprehensible act and not part of the frat’s teachings…

Spokesman Jesse Cohen says while it has not been confirmed that Tau Epsilon Phi members were involved, the fraternity considers it a “reprehensible act” contrary to its teachings and is cooperating with authorities.

Umm, what is so reprehensible about tagging a dead whale?  Like I said, it was stupid especially if the person doing it was really from the class of ’94.  Grow up dude.  But reprehensible?  Not really the word I would use to describe it.

I had to reread the article to make sure they were not saying that the whale was still alive when it was tagged.  That would be reprehensible.  If this poor animal is struggling on the beach and some frat alumni comes up and tags the dying creature with TEP94 then he should be punched in the dick a thousand times.

What are these core teachings?  Beer bongs and banging freshmen girls?  I am sure a few pledges have been forced to beach a whale…if you know what I mean.