Ben Affleck as Batman

Zack Snyder gave us a look at the new Batmobile.  It appears that he was not satisfied with just that and decided to give everyone a peak at Ben Affleck as Batman.  Obviously this caused the internet to explode with all the people either hating or loving Affleck as Batman.

I actually like the look of the new suit.  The big symbol and small ears on the cowl are modeled after Frank Miller’s Batman.  I think they were trying to go with the dark, brooding look, but it comes out more like he is a bodybuilder with no neck. 

I have also heard a bunch of complaints that Affleck’s butt-chin is too pronounced and that means he cannot be Batman.  Yeah because no artists in the history of Batman would draw him with a butt-chin?

People need to calm down a bit and just trust that Snyder and the gang will make an awesome Superman/Batman movie.  People have wanted this for years, now they get it and they immediately find every little thing to complain about.