Deer are Dumb

When I was driving home from the movies the other night, I saw a deer standing in the middle of the road.  I slowed down and let it cross and saw that another one was coming behind it.  After that one crossed the road, I started to pull forward when I look to the left and see another deer coming straight at the side of my car.

I hit the gas and pulled forward, but not fast enough.  The stupid deer ran head-first into my rear door.  The dumb thing hit the door and fell over.  I drove away and in my mirror saw that it was starting to get up.  At the house I looked at the door and there is only a minor dent, so at least I had a little luck.

What could the deer have been thinking?  Maybe it was trying to commit suicide because it was having a rough week.  Maybe it just came from ASM2 and was that disappointed in the movie.  Or maybe he (it had to be a guy, right?) figured he could ram the car hard enough and win that battle.  A way to prove how tough he was.  Well I hope he enjoyed having a concussion.