Game of Thrones: Mockingbird

This was a fantastic episode.  I always feel like the episodes that focus on one of the story lines more than the others usually work best.  This one stuck with the upcoming Trial By Combat.  We checked in with Tyrion a few times.

First he is visited by Jaime (I can never remember how to spell his name, is that weird?), who tells Tyrion that he cannot represent him.  He says that he would not be able to beat a stable boy with his left hand.  That leaves Bronn. 

Turns out that Cersei got to Bronn.  She marries him off to some minor house and he has plans for how to make sure his wife inherits everything.  As he puts it “ladies fall off their horses and break their necks all the time.”  He also has another great line about “if I wanted someone with wits, I would marry you.”  It was actually a heart-breaking scene.  You could tell that Bronn wants to help, but he is a practical man.  He is not going to fight the Mountain.  Only an idiot would fight him.  And as he says, one misstep could cost him his life.

The third visitor is Prince Oberyn.  He says that he can get what he wants.  He also tells Tyrion the story of how they first met.  Apparently when he was a baby, the Martells went for a visit.  They wanted to see the scary monster.  Oberyn was so disappointed when Tyrion turned out to be just an ugly kid.  Cersei hated him even then.  She grabbed his cock so hard she almost ripped it off.  Oberyn wants vengeance against the Mountain.  He says that he will be Tyrion’s champion.  That gave me chills.

Everyone spoke of how great Peter Dinklage’s performance was last week, but I think he was even better in this episode.  His reactions to Jaime/Bronn/Oberyn were amazing.  You could actually feel his joy when Oberyn uttered the words.  Also, the Red Viper has been fantastic all season.  I hope Pedro Pascal gets plenty of roles from here on out.

In the rest of the world, we had this stuff…
-They really sped up the Sansa story and had Littlefinger push Lysa out the Moon Door.  That is definitely a positive.

-Arya and the Hound’s story was awesome.  Arya learns about putting someone out of his misery.  Then they are attacked by Biter and Rorge.  I love when the Hound ask “was he one of the guys on your little list?”  “No, I did not know his name.”  As soon as she learns it, Arya stabs him.  We also got a sweet scene where the Hound explains his fear of fire and why he hates his brother.  Arya helps him clean his wound.  

-So they speed up some stories and other ones are so slow.  An entire season and Stannis has not went anywhere.  In this episode, Melisandre walks around naked explaining to Stan’s wife what some of the tricks are to getting people to believe, but that they have the real power to see into the fire.  And that their daughter must go north…wonder why?

-Daenerys sleeps with Daario.  Then she sends him to Yunki to kill the Masters.  Then she speaks with Jorah and he convinces her not to be that way.  If Ned Stark had killed him for being a slaver, then he never would have learned his lesson and met Daenerys.  She sends him after Daario and tells him to inform the sellsword that Jorah changed her mind.

That was an interesting power play. Jorah was clearly jealous and she is stoking his ego and she knows that Daario will have less control over her.

-No one listens to Jon Snow.  His scene was pretty much the most out of place.  He wants to block up the tunnel so that Mance’s army cannot make it through.  Ser Allister does not think they can get through, but Jon points out they have Giants.

I have always felt that the Night’s Watch should really embrace the Wildlings.  Incorporate the entire Wildling army into their ranks.  Drop the stupid celibacy (which most of them do not follow) and have them set up families near the Wall.  You could be a major force that does not need to rely on the idiots in the South for their shitty men.  I should be Lord Commander…

-Brienne and Pod are not getting very far.  They at least met Hot Pie, who puts them on the somewhat right direction.  Since he knows about Arya.  Pod realizes the Hound would probably head to the Eyrie.  Smart lad.  This was after he gives Brienne a lecture about telling everyone that they are searching for the Stark girls in order to protect them from the Lannisters…seriously, Pod is a genius.  Just not good at cooking a rabbit.

I think we all know what is going to happen next week…well two weeks, since there is no episode next week.