Solar Roadways

Now that you watched the video, what did you think?  I am noticing that the only thing they do not talk about is the traction tires would have on this road.  Or did I miss that in the video?  Maybe I missed it…

It actually reminded me of the novel Great North Road, one of the technologies described is basically more evolved idea of this.  The roads have some kind of micro-mesh (I believe that was what it was called).  They have sensors that can be accessed by cars or people.  During most storms, the roads instantly melt, it takes a really bad snowstorm to overwhelm them.  Something tells me that Peter Hamilton read about this technology before expounding upon it.

I would definitely be willing to try something like this.  Maybe when Lindsey and I build a house we could try to have this in our driveway.  These are the kinds of things I have been hoping would happen.  I mean, MacAdam came up with macadam in the 1800s.  I am tired of driving on shitty roads that end up needing repaired every couple years.

How much would it cost to actually change all the roads in America?  Yes, it would be expensive, but would it not also help the economy?  Also, what happened to this country?  When cars came about there was a demand for smoother roads so they set about paving them all.  This was something that was able to happen, we could get things done.  Could this actually happen now?  Do we have the ability to improve infrastructure or create new?

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