2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Eleven

Sorry Offord, this is a rough season for you and I really did not make it any easier.  Hopefully you were able to enjoy your first Father’s Day.  If it makes you feel any better that you lost, I got a really nice sunburn and I am in constant pain from it…

As you can see, it was a little closer than what the final score suggests.  A win is a win, but that does not mean my team is playing great right now.  I am continuing to make subtle changes to the pitching, so hopefully things will improve in that category.  I made a weird trade this week, one that I assumed would be rejected:  Emilio Bonifacio and Chris Archer for Jason Grilli.  When I proposed the trade, Bonifacio was not injured, but then he hurts himself against the Pirates and the person still accepts the trade.  Umm, okay?  Granted, Grilli had a bad inning against the Marlins, so maybe the guy just wanted rid of him.

Eric Hosmer finally had a nice week for me (4/2/8/1/.350/.417), as did Starlin Castro (4/2/6/1/.400/.464) and Jose Altuve (1/0/1/1/.385/.429).  The rest of the team fared alright, but no one had a dominating week.  Some of my guys were a little bad though and I really need to consider moving some of them.  Oddly though, I love having more pitching and barely anyone on my batters bench.  Maybe this is a terrible strategy.

My pitching was not spectacular.  My wins came from Jonathon Broxton and Adam Wainwright.  No one could pick up strikeouts.  It was just a weird week for my team.  On the bright side, at least they are getting me some holds.

I am still in second place with a 76-48-8 record, and two games behind Gideon.  Lindsey lost this week and is back under .500.  Ryan had a dominating week and is only a game behind myself.  I take on Dustin (who I made the trade with) and if I can avenge my week one loss, that would make me very happy.