2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Ten

The epic battle between #1 and #2.  I assumed that by beating Pat I would end up in first place.  I was wrong.  It was close enough that Pat retained his lead, barely.  As you can see, it was a matchup that could have went either way in a couple spots.

Hunter Pence was my best hitter this week (3/1/2/0/.348/.423) with Jose Altuve being an almost close second (2/0/4/3/.280/.321).  After those two, everyone else pretty much sucked.  I keep waiting for Eric Hosmer to heat up, but it is not happening and I am starting to worry.  I picked up Jon Singleton, who homered in his first game, but was pretty terrible the rest of the week.  I benched him over the weekend and he ended up hitting a grand slam and scoring another run later.  Oops, that would have given me HRs and Runs, 8-4 would have been a nice victory…

I felt bad for a few of my starting pitchers, such as Zack Wheeler (0 Wins, 13 Ks, 3.48/1.16 in two starts), Chris Archer (0 Wins, 10 Ks, 0.68/0.98 in two starts), Wainwright and Greinke both pitched well, but neither had a win.  The only win I picked up was from Brad Ziegler.  Not what I like to see happen.  This was the first week where I actually lost Wins.  Annoying.

At least my relievers decided to step up.  Steve Cischek had three saves with Ziegler and Pat Neshek picking up the other ones.  I finally had enough with Rex Brothers and dropped him in order to pick up Jonathon Broxton and Adam Ottavino (I once said “hey” to him when I worked at the State College Spikes).  Hopefully this pans out well for me.

I am now 69-45-6, still in second place and only one game behind Pat.  This week I take on Offord who is having a rough season.  Unfortunately I cannot afford to show mercy.

And hey, Lindsey won again, beating Sean 8-4.  She is now 59-55-6 and still in 7th place, but only three games out of fifth and taking on Mark this week…War Puigs Marching!