2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Thirteen

I had a fairly good week, especially my pitching, yet I still lost to Jason.  I guess I should not have said that I would get another win.  Someday I will learn this lesson…

I cannot even pretend that my team’s hitting was really good.  Instead it was the Jose Altuve show.  He scored five runs and hit .481.  Even more amazing, he stole ten bases!  After him, George Springer was alright (5/2/3/1/.273/.407) as were my two catchers:  Devin Mesoraco (6/2/6/0/.286/.423) and Salvador Perez (4/1/2/0/.286/.318).  Bad week for a few of the other guys.

The pitching was pretty good as I said, just that Jason’s was a bit better.  Still not picking up saves, yet guys like Jonathan Broxton get two wins and a hold.  Brad Ziegler had three of my holds and pitched very well for the week.  My starters pitched decently, just some of them did not get those wins despite having great starts.

I am now 87-61-8, still in second place and leading my division.  This week I take on Gideon, the league leader by three games.  Good thing all of us had mediocre weeks so that Gideon did not gain too big of a lead.

Lindsey beat Dustin this week.  Go War Puigs!