24: 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

“Jack wants her, Jack needs her, Jack gets her.”-President Heller.

These are the words we always want to hear the President say.  I loved that Steve is like “oh sorry, Kate is out of the field, she is going back to America.” Because in a potential terrorist attack, you need to have bureaucratic red-tape mucking things up.  I suppose that is the point this show tries to make:  that a guy like Jack is needed because he gets around these sorts of barricades.

Also another great line “I will need a weapon’s package.”  Basically that means he gets a gun, right?  I just love how he makes it sound like they are giving him a few rocket launchers and a lightsaber.  Jack also says that he will need an interrogation kit, which just means some drugs that allow him to torture folks.  In this case, he uses it to put Agent Kate under so they do not torture her.  Oops, I guess he forgot about the quick acting antidote.

The Prime Minister finds out that Heller is going senile and decides to send his own many after Rask.  Obviously they screw everything up.  Rask ends up blowing himself up, but not before Chloe is able to hack into his bank account and they can track a phone, presumably Simone’s.

We find out that Naveed has a sister, who he warned that something bad was going to happen and she needed to leave London.  Simone is sent to find out what she knows.  Turns out she knows nothing and she believes Simone that Naveed was just stressed and that they were going to leave the city to relax for a bit.  Margot does not like loose ends, so she orders Simone to kill the sister and her daughter.

Simone has a crisis of conscious and tries to get Naveed’s sister to leave the city, but she sees a knife and tries to call the police.  Simone stabs her during a struggle.  Little Jasmine sees it and runs out of the apartment flat.  Simone chases her and then gets hit by a double-decker bus.  This means that Jack and Agent Kate will find her and get her to turn on her mother.  Judging by the preview, Margot will not go down without a fight.

In a plot twist that shocked absolutely no one ever.  Steve turns out to be a mole or something.  He framed Agent Kate’s husband.  Does that mean when they figure it out that Adam Morgan will be released?  Does this mean no getting lucky for Jack?

And then there was the Russian guy calling Mark and figuring out that he forged the President’s signature.  You knew that was a bad idea from the start.  Will this all end with Jack giving himself up to the Russians in order to prevent some weird war?  Probably not.  I see another season coming…24:  Jack Versus Russia